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Kevin Rudd’s Nude Bomb

nudebomKevin Rudd wants a “New World Order” to fix all the world’s problems:

The time has come, off the back of the current crisis, to proclaim that the great neo-liberal experiment of the past 30 years has failed, that the emperor has no clothes

He is planning to “socialize” the economy. This will result in the permanent entrenchment of individuals into their seats of power. We are about to witness the end of what little there was of meritocracy in our society. All appointments to positions of power will be along political and ideological lines.

Paradoxically, the free economy gave individuals greater democracy than voting ever did. People have just woken up to the fact that they can influence the world by the way they spend their money. Unfortunately, Governments have just woken up to the fact that the people have woken up. So now it’s time to take away your power to decide how you might spend or, worse still, save your money!

But he argues that “minor tweakings of long-established orthodoxies will not do” and advocates a new system that reaches beyond the 70-year-old interventionist principles of John Maynard Keynes.

That’s right. We didn’t get it wrong enough the last time, so let’s get it wrong properly this time!

In a message to Mr Obama and the US Congress, Mr Rudd counselled against erecting trade barriers. “Soft or hard, protectionism is a sure-fire way of turning recession into depression as it exacerbates the collapse in global demand.”

And so we see the true agenda underlying Rudd’s statements. It is not acceptable to Kevin Rudd to let the chips fall where they will and allow the criminals and swindlers to be exposed, losing their fortunes (particularly those who are not singly Australian citizens). He would rather thrust the nation head first into the global slavery that will result when democracy is diluted so heavily that just one “representative” ruler will preside over the six billion inhabitants of our world. Kevin Rudd is not about removing the individuals who got us into this mess through the vehicle of Capitalism, but will rather save those individuals from falling like flies in a storm by protecting them with International Socialism. He wants to change the rules so that, before they all disappear into financial oblivion, the oligarchs can be given their positions back to run society on society’s behalf.

Instead of placing clothes on the naked Emperor, Kevin Rudd seeks to lay everybody naked else so that nobody is left to point the finger. No thanks!

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