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This is the time to return to Christ

Ss Monique and AugustinBetter is the poor man walking in his simplicity, than the rich in crooked ways. He that keepeth the law is a wise son: but he that feedeth gluttons, shameth his father. He that heapeth together riches by usury and loan, gathereth them for him that will be bountiful to the poor. He that turneth away his ears from hearing the law, his prayer shall be as abomination. He that deceiveth the just in a wicked way, shall fall in his own destruction: and the upright shall possess his goods.

The road to Christ, the road to Perfection, is up hill. It’s not easy. Indeed, for most it is an almost constant battle which seems to be lost more often than it is won. The problem is that the whole world is against you. On the other hand, if the whole world is against you, be encouraged as you are probably on the right track.

In Western countries, Traditional Catholics (and Christians in general) are offered a unique opportunity at this time to clean up the way they live, to clean up the problems in their life. Of course, your local priest will tell you that the opportunity is always there, but we all know that most of the time it’s extremely difficult to throw off old habits and change how we live. Tomorrow is always easier.

There are several things that many Christians are guilty of. The time to fix them is now:


If you are in debt to a bank, then you are participating in the sin of usury.

Interest rates are at historical lows. Banks are being inadvertently kind and generous to those who owe money. The intention of the low interest rates is to sell new loans and to encourage money to slosh around in the economy so that the usual consumerism and profiteering may continue as it did in the good old days.

The problem is that it won’t work. The Federal Reserve can see this and has already taken the step of printing money. This will lead to inflation and very high interest rates. Expect rates for mortgages reaching 20% in the near future. If it doesn’t happen, well and good, but the way things are going, it will.

Use the low interest period to your advantage, which will perhaps last a year, or two at best. Save your money and pay off your debt. Get out of debt altogether if you possibly can, and make a promise never to borrow again.


Rising prices of food are said to be responsible for the “obesity epidemic”. Fresh food has always been more expensive than processed food, because it is produced from lower quality ingredients, has a longer shelf life and is easier to transport. People whose economic conditions deteriorate tend to become depressed and this leads them to go for rapid reward food such as that offered at fast food chains.

Stop going to Mac Donald’s for your meals. Stop buying rubbish food to cook for your family.

If you buy better food, you will feel better, sleep better, think better. This will make you more productive during the day and leave you better equipped to fight your various vices.

If you feel better, you will find it easier to be more physically active. This will make you perform better at work and home. You therefore improve your chances of economic survival.

Self Perversion

This vice concerns the voluntary, self inflicted brainwashing that people are doing to themselves everywhere, every day.

Stop reading glossy fashion and lifestyle magazines.

Stop watching television. Get rid of your television.

Stop surfing the Internet aimlessly.

Basically, only use technology for gainful purposes. If you want to relax, read a good book. It doesn’t need batteries, it works in full sunlight, it doesn’t make annoying noises and makes you look intelligent. Most modern technological devices are now designed to be all-in-one entertainment solutions. Their functional use has rarely improved much (such as for a mobile phone), and sales of new gadgets of the same class of item tend to be based on added distractions.

The time is coming when many of the “traps” which typically ensnare Christians into habitual sin, will do more than stain their souls. The temporal freedom of everyone is coming under serious threat as a result of the global economic crisis. Those who have not given themselves entirely to modern ideologies will be noticing this already. New types of discrimination are emerging, where good, otherwise well meaning and generally innocent people are caught out on technicalities and lose their freedom. These are the early signs of a new tyranny.

The best survival approach is as above. Clean up your life. Aim for economic efficiency, functionality and prudence in your personal and family life. Avoid unnecessary use of technology, eat properly and immerse your free time in addictions (hobbies) which do you good rather than harm.

  1. BDO
    March 20, 2009 at 11:54 am

    Great post, great analysis. Keep up the good work! Thank you for advocating for less debt!

  2. matt
    March 21, 2009 at 7:02 am

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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