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Swine Flu Less Scary Than Expected



In the Australian news, a succinct update on the flu is given (where it says that one baby in Texas has died of the virus):

There were no further details about the death in the US, most of whose 65 confirmed cases of swine flu have proved mild.

Nearly a week after the threat of the pandemic emerged in Mexico, that country remains the hardest hit, with up to 159 people killed – although the number of confirmed deaths in Mexico sits at seven.

The facts, then, are that of roughly 2,500 cases in Mexico, there are really only 7 deaths (presumably confirmed at autopsy), giving a mortality rate of 0.28%. That’s less than Spanish flu (up to 20%) by 100 times! It’s probably not as benign as that, but the statistics coming out in the media are wildly fluctuating at the moment. Dividing the media faeces from the clay is not proving to be very easy.

I think at this point this flu looks like it’s got its wings clipped.

May 11 Update:

Today it was reported that the U.S. has 2254 H1N1 cases, with 3 deaths. Mortality rate for the U.S. (almost a first world country) is 0.12%, or just over one per thousand infections. How, then, does this differ from normal influenza? Not by much.

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