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December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to make sense of Wikileaks and all things Assange:

  • The best lies are laced with 95% truth, (plus statistics). Especially juicy, embarrassing, gossipy truth.
  • Who benefits? Whose life is improved by these revelations? Who is attempting to create a leadership vacuum… are they a better alternative? Will We The People benefit?
  • Just because someone is anonymous does not make them truthful, honest, or necessarily on the side of ordinary people in general. Those who leaked the information to Wikileaks provide no evidence of any of these redeeming qualities.
  • Because Wikileaks does not disclose its network of benefactors, it is no more transparent than the mainstream media.
  • Isn’t it odd that Wikileaks is working with mainstream media outlets in the first place?

Compare Assange and Wikileaks this with the great agents of good in history. Although many radical movements resisting oppression may appear anarchistic, in that their goals require some degree of social disruption, they differ in that they have the ultimate goal of righting wrongs and they usually state the kind of order (including some kind of peace) which they seek to establish, whereas anarchists set about merely to destroy. They reject the fact that society needs a system in order to succeed. Supporting them is like buying a product you are told nothing about. Anarchists in history have frequently been a mere tool of a hidden hand. If too many people believe too much of what Wikileaks is releasing, then there will be so many pretexts for war that death is guaranteed. This is not in humanity’s interest.

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